Intensive Business English Conversation Course

Why you need Business English Course?

In today’s era of globalization, in universal work environment, where everyone and everything required to be able to work effectively and efficiently, the ability to communicate becomes very important aspect and the basis that the various entities that work can co-exist and complement to become one entity.

we know that this time the English language today is the universal language on earth, especially in the business world. You should be able to communicate in English if you want your business to grow rapidly. What is meant here is not just a communication saying the information, but how can you convey that in your mind into an information and belief the hearer.

This is where Business English became a course that is very important. You must first understand the direction the conversation as much as possible and be an active participant who can give arguments, opinions and plausible reason as the basis of your negotiation.

In this course, one of the areas that will be studied is business english conversation, where you not only learn the vocabulary essential to assure your customer, but also the manner in which persuasive, ranging from intonation, facial expression, vocabulary, until a compelling call to action.

There are many other areas that you will learn in the Business English Course Jakarta, and we understand that the needs of every company is different, even down to the individual level? While you are working in the same company, the same department, level of need, and use your skills of each is different. That is why Business English Jakarta provide intensive english course that is tailor-made for you when you join us.

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